Perfectionism addiction

‘You always have to ask yourself, “Is that the best I can do?”‘ Perhaps not the best advice for a perfectionist.


Rationalism, religion, gender, and race have been among the greatest hallucinations of man’s perpetual self-indulgence. Money, however, is likely his greatest delusion.

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It is not without unobserved irony that I must degrade the thing that I am good at because of its denigration of the things that I love.

Ironic masochism

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What but ambiguities, abruptness, and dark transitions, can be expected from the historian who is, at the same time, the sufferer of these disasters?  CBB’s insight is a bitter drink of intoxicating sobriety. But where from there?  The Deleuzean circle drawn. The backdoor to chaos identified. Now what? What do we do caught up in chaotic systems built on organizing principles we didn’t invent, existing well before our arrival, and taken out of context, decontextualized, and recontextualized hundreds of times over? Flip burgers? Data Entry? Mindless self-indulgence? Pragmatic salvation via political mastery that channels adolescent angst? Revel ironically…nihilistically…while the world burns and pawns unwittingly wield spectral flags doused in invisible oil? I’m lost among the lost.

Ambiguity of existence

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If you want complete control over your film, don’t make one.

If you want com…

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